Surviving Your First Day at Work

The first day of work is a source of mixed emotions for many. One the one hand, landing a new job is an exciting experience on the other hand; starting work in an unfamiliar environment can be a cause of anxiety. Planning ahead in order to make sure that your first day of work goes smoothly can considerably reduce your anxiety.

Getting to work on time is always important, but getting there on time on the first day is crucial. Nothing makes a worse impression than showing up late to work on the very first day. Some people never survive this initial embarrassment. Plan your route to work out so that you arrive on scene 20 minutes early. For jobs in unfamiliar locations, make a practice run before the big day.

After getting there on time, what matters most is how you look. The first day of work is the day when you make that all important first impression. Prepare your work outfit well in advance, so that when the time comes you will know exactly what you are wearing and exactly how it looks.

The most important job on the first day of work is usually that of learning about your new employer. You can give yourself a head start by doing background research on the people and policies of your new employer. Employers appreciate new hires that are able to hit the ground running.

Every office has its share of gossip. While making small talk around the water cooler is fine, its better to keep these conversations short. Go light on the personal information until you get into the swing of things.

Don’t talk about subjects like politics or religion on the first day of work. People have strong opinions on both sides of these issues and can become very passionate about them. Nothing is worse than developing an office grudge on the very first day.

Inevitably, you will face some surprises on your first day of work. No employee, no matter how prepared, can anticipate every detail of what happens in a workplace. When these surprises come up, react calmly and seek assistance from the appropriate sources.

The first day of work sets the tone for all of the days to follow. Performing marketing jobs, accountant jobs and all office work requires a certain degree of dedication in order to excel. Expect to neither completely master your job on the first day, nor give into self-doubt and anxiety.

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