How to Clean and Maintain Teak Furniture

How to Clean and Maintain Teak Furniture

Teak is prized as one of the most durable hardwoods in the world, making it a common material used for everything from wood floors to outdoor furniture. Teak furniture is more expensive, but comparatively low maintenance in comparison to other woods. However, like any wood product, teak requires periodic cleaning to ensure your furniture maintains its beauty and finish.


Rinsing or Dusting

Dust and dirt build up overtime on both indoor and outdoor teak furniture. For outdoor pieces, simply rinse with a hose periodically to prevent dirt from building up on the surface. However, don’t use a pressure washer, as it can blast air into the wood and damage the furniture. For indoor furniture, run a dry dust cloth or mirofiber duster over the furniture once a week, or as often is necessary to prevent the visual buildup of dust on the surface.


Teak Cleaner





To clean outdoor teak pieces, the most practical cleaning agent is simply soap and water. You can add a tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water if you notice spots of mold or mildew developing on the furniture. Take a soft bristle brush and gently scrub the surface of the teak with the soapy solution. Rinse completely with a hose and let air dry. You shouldn’t use water on indoor teak furniture as it often leaves spots. In general, indoor teak should not require cleaning outside of dusting, but if needed, use a cleaner specifically made for teak. If you get water on your indoor teak, remove spots by rubbing the area lightly with a 40 steel wool pad, and then dust the affected area clean. Never use steel wool and water together as it will stain the surface of your furniture a gray color. Oil-based products are not recommended for use on outdoor teak, as it can encourage mildew. Indoor teak benefits from periodic use of a non-building furniture polish or non-aerosol applications of Lemon Pledge or similar products.


How To Clean Teak Furniture





Teak furniture left outside develops a natural gray patina. However, if you want to maintain the natural honey color, it can easily be restored. According Ethnicraft Teak Wood Experts, after washing the furniture, apply a teak wood brightener following the packaging directions carefully, and then rinse. Once dry, apply a UV blocking sealer to the furniture. Keep in mind that you will need to perform this process at least once a year to maintain the clean natural look.


Teak Brightener




If you choose to protect your outdoor teak furniture with furniture covers, make sure you choose covers made out of a breathable material. Covers like vinyl or plastic tarps can actually trap moisture and cause more damage to your furniture than if you would have left them outside in the elements.


Furniture Cover


The properties of teak give your furniture a natural beauty, whether left to naturally gray outdoors, or left a warm honey color indoors. With the right care, your teak furniture will last for many years. In fact, the natural oils inside the wood will help maintain its strength for generations to come.