Everything You Need to Know About Lasik Eye Surgery

Everything You Need to Know About Lasik Eye Surgery

Many people would like to have their vision corrected and not have to wear glasses or contact lenses. Lasik surgery might be for you if your eye doctor says you are a good candidate for lasik surgery. You have to be over eighteen, you need to be in good health, you have no eye disease, you have corneal thickness and you can have a few days of recovery. Having this surgery will give you 20/20 vision. Having lasik surgery might be for you but just like the advantages there are also risks that can occur.

As with all surgeries there can be side effects with this surgery but most lasik side effects can be remedied by medications. You can experience blurred vision, you might have trouble with night vision, your eyes will be dry and you’ll feel as if you want to scratch your eyes. You might see halo’s around the headlights of a car or the street lamps. You might be sensitive to the light, you might feel pain or not be too comfortable due to the surgery and you might experience pink or even red patches on the white of the eye. If any one of these lasik side effects occurs and haven’t gone away within two weeks, you might need to get a second surgery to correct the problem or you might need medication to help the problem. Do let your doctor know of you are experiencing any problems so he can correct it. With most lasik side effects, they can be cured.

The Lasik eye surgery cost can be a bit expensive so before you have the surgery do speak to your doctor about the cost. The price of lasik eye surgery costs can be from $1500 to $2500 per eye which is rather costly. Make sure you can afford the lasik eye surgery cost before you say yes to the doctor. If you can’t afford it, many doctors will offer you financing plans so do ask about that as well.

At the lasik surgery clinic you will be screened and you’ll have a thorough examination. They will tell you of the latest treatments they will be using and just make you relax. You will get to see your doctor that is going to perform the surgery and at the lasik surgery clinic you’ll get to see the very same doctor with follow up examinations to make sure your eyes are healing well without any problems. Once at the lasik surgery clinic if you have any questions whatsoever, do ask because everyone there can and will help answer your questions to the best of their ability to put you at ease.

Have you ever heard of Epilasik eye surgery? It is a bit newer surgery than lasik eye surgery; it was developed to solve some of the problems with lasik. During the surgery the doctor will use a plastic oscillating blade instead of a finger blade. Ask your doctor which surgery he would think would benefit you more, Epilasik or lasik eye surgery. Having Epilasik or lasik eye surgery do speak to your doctor and alert him of any problems you might experience with either surgery.

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