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How To Set Up A Company in Singapore

Singapore remains a crown jewel location for expatriates looking to launch a new business in Asia. The reasons are quite varied. Mainly, Singapore has a strong economy and is quite welcoming to foreign investment. This creates a landscape of opportunity to those wishing to launch a business here. That said, there are rules, regulations and requirements that must be met prior to opening up a company. None of these steps are overly complicated, but they do have to be followed to the letter in order to attain results.

The following is a brief guide covering basic steps how to form a company in Singapore.

  • The name of the company must be selected and then approved by the business authority in Singapore...
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F-Commerce: How To Sell On Facebook

Social commerce is one of the new buzzwords that’s been gaining in popularity over the past year, in part because of the growing popularity of online Facebook stores. This has been termed F-commerce by some, and online commerce puts Facebook in the same territory as companies such as eBay and Amazon. There have been some doubts in the media about Facebook’s ability to fully engage in online commerce, and stores such as JC Penney, Gap, and Nordstrom have pulled out of F-commerce to focus on their own websites. In July of 2013, though, the online retailer Soldsie announced over $10 million in sales through the platform, as well as major international expansion. The exciting thing about selling on Facebook is that anyone can do it.

So how does someone get started? There are a few wa...

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BVI Company Benefits Offer Savings and Protection

When business owners decide to register their companies in Singapore, a BVI company is often the chosen route for their business registration. BVI companies are perfect for investment firms, financial management companies, property investment companies and a variety of other businesses who rely on investments and other money-making vehicles.

Cost Saving Benefits
If saving money is something that you’re keen on doing, a BVI corporation is the perfect solution for you.

The greatest benefit to forming an offshore BVI business in Singapore is that these types of companies are exempt from having to pay any local taxes or stamp duties. While Singapore’s corporate tax rates are very low, any amount of savings can improve the bottom line of any offshore company.

Asset Protection and Company Priv...

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