Investment Markets

Venture Capital and Private Equity

Private equity and venture capital are intrinsically linked, especially in certain situations. Private equity is money that is poured in by owners or investors into a private company. This money is not publicly quoted or part of the company’s stock exchange profile. It is not […]

Seeking Venture Capital Investors

Everyday new business ideas are born within the minds of entrepreneurs around the world. These ideas however fail to see the light of day due to insufficient startup capital. Venture capital investors are however ever on the lookout for such bright ideas. Seeking out such […]

Why You Should Consider Serviced Offices

For some, a serviced office is simply another cost. However, one must realize that serviced offices yield considerable benefits that makes it a great investment for your business. But is it really worth every cent you shell out for it? Here are some reasons why […]

Important Factors to Consider Before Getting a Forex Robot

A Forex robot is a very helpful tool especially for traders who are just starting to take part in Forex trading. While there is still no alternative to experience and strategy gained from years of trading, this tool can help newbie traders not to lose […]