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Tips to Help First-Time Office Managers Maintain a Motivated and Productive Workforce

Office managers have a large amount of responsibility within any business. Taking on this position for the first time can be daunting. There are many things to learn about management, your employees and the larger business. Early mistakes can make regaining the trust of employees more difficult. Several tips will help first-time office managers maintain a productive and motivated workforce.

Give Employees Multiple Ways to Communicate With You

The first tip is to give employees multiple way to communicate you as office manager. You should allow employees to email you, walk into your office or leave anonymous comments in a box.

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Take any communications very seriously. Respond directly to the employee when appropriate...

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7 Superior Productivity Tips for Office Managers

Running an office in any industry can be an overwhelming experience for even the most experienced managers. A variety of disparate factors will ultimately determine whether or not your office is successful. Everything from lighting to staff morale can have a major impact on office productivity. If you’re interested in getting the most from your office environment, these simple yet powerful tips should prove useful.

Optimize Your Office’s Layout


The manner in which an office space is laid out can have a significant impact on employee moods, morale and productivity. Consequently, spending a little time familiarising yourself with the principles of feng shui and interior design can yield serious dividends over time...

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Corporate Real Estate – A Guide to Renting Offices

Most businesses owners struggle with the high cost of rent. Unfortunately, most business owners feel that they are out of luck when it comes to controlling their rent cost. There are a lot of people who do not necessarily need the typical office space that many people desire. In fact, some small business owners realize they do not need a fulltime office.

A lot of companies do not need a large office with a full staff. While some business owners can run their businesses from home, other business owners realize that they need a small office on occasion (Info source: Ways to Jumpstart Your Small or Home Business). Luckily, there is a solid solution for a business owner that may occasionally require a usable office space. Many entrepreneurs have discovered

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