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6 Simple, Non-Hipster Foods to Eat to Fight Aging

The demand to look younger today is higher than it has ever been before. Both men and women go to great lengths to measure up to these standards. While anti-aging treatments are a quick and easy way to see results, there are more natural options that are good to try first. Incorporating certain foods into your diet can greatly affect present future effects that aging has on an individuals appearance. Read below for the top five.

incorporating berries into your oatmeal

Berries contain benefits such as improve brain function, muscle tone and and balance.


Berries are a great anti-aging food because of their ability to improve brain function, muscle tone and and balance. The antioxidant compounds found in these foods, known as anthocyanins, slow the growth of certain cancer cells as well...

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The Brief History of Coca-cola

John Pemberton was a pharmacist for nearly twenty years when he began to experiment with different natural products to try and create a health elixir. Pemberton had attended college for herbal medicine prior to pharmacology school, and he was very knowledgeable about the benefits of health tonics.



In the early 1860’s, it was already quite common for the pharmacist to offer health elixirs at their shop from a soda fountain. Many pharmacies had their own special blend, each offering different health benefits.

Pemberton began experimenting with extracts from the Kola nut and the coca leaf. Eventually he found a taste that he liked and began marketing his product as “French Wine Coca.” The product was met with success almost instantly...

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The 5 Healthiest Vegetables On Grocery Lists in 2013

In the new year, many people make a resolution to buy healthier food. While this is an enviable task, it can be difficult to figure out which foods are the healthiest and deserve a place on the grocery store shopping list. People planning to improve their diets should try these top five healthiest vegetables.

1. Spinach

Fresh, bright green spinach leaves provide a plentiful amount of vitamin C. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant and is also thought to boost the immune system. Additional nutrients contained in spinach are glycoclycerolipids, which are thought to decrease inflammation in the intestinal tract...

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