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Yun Nam Hair Care – Steps You Can Take To Prevent Split Ends

Split ends can be a headache that last for a long time. This is especially true if your hair is constantly developing split ends despite your best efforts. Split ends are caused by a number of factors including improper hair care. It is possible to prevent split ends from developing and to stop them from causing problems. Several tips (provide by Yun Nam Hair Care) will make it easier for you to prevent split ends.

Use Leave-In Conditioners

One of the best ways to prevent split ends is to start using a leave-in conditioner. You want a good conditioner that provides nutrients and moisture. Leave-in conditioners are important since the kinds that are washed away in a shower have little effect. A leave-in conditioner provides added moisture to your hair during the day...

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Yun Nam Hair Care – Natural Remedies for Treating Dandruff

Dandruff isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone, and it’s downright embarrassing for many people who suffer from it. While there is an abundance of anti dandruff shampoos available, a lot of people would prefer to treat the problem in as natural way as possible, rather than placing harsh chemicals on their heads. Here are a few methods ( provide by Yun Nam Hair Care Malaysia) to try.

Brush your hair after you shower and shampoo.

While your hair is still somewhat wet, brush it thoroughly. Start from the scalp and brush towards the ends to properly distribute the oil in your hair. This will help prevent the buildups of oil that lead to dandruff. Perform this process across your entire head.


Don’t let your mood spoil your hair , just chill out and stay cool.

Chill out.

Stress can l...

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Natural Shampoo for Oily Hair: Ingredients to Look For

It is easy to just run to the store and grab a bottle of shampoo, but that shampoo may be doing more harm to your hair than good. The ingredients that appear to make hair softer and stronger are actually a mask. Anyone can label their product as “organic” as long as one ingredient contains organic chemicals. Other ingredients can cover hair in a layer of wax, strip the hair’s natural moisture or cause inflammation. Hair is being damaged slowly and the worst part is that it thinks it is being taken care of.

If you want truly healthy hair, choose a natural shampoo that is not fake. There are several ingredients to look out for when choosing a natural shampoo for oily hair without causing damage.

• Glycerin: This ingredient acts like a barrier to protect the hair from damage and also keep...

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Does Shampoo Affect Overall Health?

People should always read the label found on their shampoo bottle. They will be shocked to know that some of the ingredients found in a wide range of shampoos can pose a threat to their health and well-being.

Research has shown that different chemicals that are lurking inside shampoo can produce serious health risks. This includes skin and eye irritation, hair follicle damage that can cause hair loss, memory loss and even cancer. Although the U.S. FDA has a classification for personal care products, this agency does not regulate them. Therefore, there are no legal boundaries or guidelines for shampoo companies to follow. This is an issue that the public should worry about.

The Environmental Buzzword

The term natural hair care has become important for environmental friendliness in the be...

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