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Review for the Amazing Neato Robotics XV-21 Vacuum Robot

Every so often a product so amazing comes along that you must check it out to believe it. Such a product is the incredible Neato Robotic XV-21. Other robot vacuums simply can’t compare to this amazing domestic robot. Robotic vacuum cleaners are nothing new, but you won’t believe how well the XV-21 does its job.

An Amazing Domestic Robot

If you come from a console gaming background, then the first thing you might notice is that the XV-21 looks like a custom Super NES that has been stepped on by a hippo. Never the less, this robot delivers the goods. The first useful thing you notice in comparison is how much wider the Neato XV-21 is than its competitors. A wider sweeping brush works to get the cleaning task done faster...

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The Possibilities No-Scratch Cleaning

To scratch or not to scratch? That is the question that many people ask themselves when they have a spill to clean up and they are not sure what to use for the job. Oftentimes an abrasive combination of harsh chemical cleaners and coarse paper towels is chosen; this covers surfaces of all kinds with garish scratches that leave people wondering if the spill looked better. While the answer to this problem may seem to be a frustratingly complex one, it is actually quite simple; all of the solutions for scratch-free cleaning revolve around one word: texture.

Avoiding the combination of abrasive chemical cleaners and coarse wipes may seem counterintuitive, but that is exactly what makes technology so amazing...

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