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Singapore Property Search: How to Find Landed Properties in Singapore To Build Your Home

Finding a piece of land on Singapore island to build your home is a complex process. Singapore is a small island that is home to around five million people, and you must choose a place to live that you will be comfortable with for many years to come. This article explores how the land on the island is managed, and you must use these suggestions to find a place to build your new home.

#1: Land Reclamation 

You may search for a house for sale on any part of the island, but certain parts of the island were created using land reclamation. Land reclamation projects have added several hundred square miles of land to Singapore, and you must do your research on every piece of property you find. Some parts of the island were created using land reclamation, and you may not feel safe on th...

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5 Tips to Choosing Family-Friendly Property In Singapore

Singapore is often seen as a large island that contains nothing but office buildings, skyscrapers and docks, but Singapore is a massive hub for industry that has residential neighborhoods lying around its edges. The city-state of Singapore sits on a large island that is just a few miles from Malaysia, and there are millions of families who live around the city center. The city has family-friendly communities, but you must procure a property agent in Singapore to find a lovely place to live.

tips on selecting a real estate agent

6 tips on selecting a real estate agent

#1: Near The Coast

Family-friendly neighborhoods near the coast will bring your family up close to the beach. There are lovely beach areas that sit close to the Equator, and you will enjoy tropical sunshine most of the year...

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5 Expenses That Renters in Singapore Need to Consider Before Signing a Lease


If you are actively searching for an apartment such as People’s Park Complex for rent in Singapore, you may have your eye finely focused on the cost of the rent for each unit you are reviewing. Many renters will determine if a space is affordable for their budget by looking at the rental rate, and it is true that the monthly rent that you will be responsible for is a major expense for most budgets. However, there are also other expenses associated with renting an apartment that can make some units far more affordable for you than others. By understanding all of the expenses that may impact your budget when living in a new space, you can make a more informed decision about which apartment to move into.

Security Deposit

Almost every apartment that you are considering in Singapore may ha...

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Malaysian Investment Opportunities: From Studio Apartments to Office Buildings

In this ever-increasing global economy, the shift to investing in the Far East has never been greater. Malaysia particularly seems appealing as major companies or even retired people look to Malaysia as a viable option for putting their financial resources and holdings into real estate. Our article below gives you a look at some of the top fours tips and prerequisites when thinking about Malaysian investment opportunities.

  • Set an Operating Budget and Don’t Go Over It
    Knowing how much to set aside for an investment in Malaysia is of utmost importance. Whether you rent or buy, a budget is vitally important in order to avoid future financial difficulties. Know your limits.
  • Do Your Research First
    Become familiar with the location of the condominium, house or company building to help deter...
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Selling Your Luxury Property: Here’s How to Make the Most Out of It

Whether you have always had a passion for investing in real estate or if you have a luxury home you are thinking of selling, there are a few tips and factors to consider before moving forward with purchasing, investing or selling yourself. Understanding more about the luxury real estate market and how you can go about making it work for you financially is a way to get the most out of any offer you make or property you list for sale.

Consider Your Goals

Before getting involved with any form of real estate, luxury or commercial, it is important to consider the goals you have in mind for yourself and your future...

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