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How To Prepare For The SAT Exam in Singapore

Singapore students who are interested in attending a reputable university should know that many of these learning institutions will require that you take the SAT and earn a good score in order to grant admittance. With that idea in mind, it’s important to note that there are a plethora of strategies you can implement in order to get ready for this important exam. Here are four:

1. Invest In Learning Material.

As many SAT experts know, there are a variety of great SAT Test Prep books on the market that can help you excel on the actual exam. These books typically include practice exams, sample questions, and general information with the format and content of the test that will help you familiarize yourself with it. Thanks to the internet, getting great SAT prep materials is quite simple...

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5 Ways to Use Credit Cards to Increase Your Credit Score

Low credit scores are a problem for many people, and many of these are good, responsible people. Unfortunate circumstances such as marriage breakups, job losses and household changes may have caused the demise of their credit scores. A consumer can choose several tactics to increase a poor credit score. Using credit cards is one of the best way to do such because revolving credit carries strong weight on a consumer’s profile. The following are five ways that a consumer can increase a credit score using a single credit card:

1. Compare Several Credit Cards
A consumer must make credit card comparisons before applying for a credit card...

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4 Tips to Remember While Taking The GMAT Exams

There are many institutions that will claim you cannot improve your GMAT score through practice. They claim that a student learns the lessons needed to succeed at the GMAT in college, with practice not being enough to see improvements. However, that is incorrect. Most students will find that their scores go up drastically if they spend a few months preparing for the test.

When taking a standardized test, it is important to understand that you are not just fighting the material covered. You are also battling the test itself. Think of the GMAT as a game that you must beat. In addition to knowing the material, you should be familiar with the computerized version of the test and practice time management skills. Here are some detailed tips.

Practice Makes Perfect
The best way to improve your...

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Aceing the SAT Essay: Tips and Advice

The SAT is a standardized test that is required by most universities in the United States for undergraduate admissions. The SAT is a four and a half hour long test that will test you on mathematics, reading comprehension and reasoning, and writing. Because many students struggle on how to write a good essay in 30 minutes, here is a quick outline to follow that is taught in many SAT preparation courses (see Prep-Zone).

The most important thing you need to do in your essay is to choose a point of view and state it. Do not try to talk in circles and try to hint at your argument. That will not work. SAT graders only have one to two minutes to grade each essay. You should make their job as easy as possible by explicitly stating what your argument is in your introduction.

For example, the essay ...

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What Top Recruitment Agencies Do To Get You Ahead In Your Career

It’s one thing to get a promotion at a job, yet it’s another thing to get ahead in a career. Regardless of whether one happens to be departing a university, discovering possibilities constrained inside their present position or, like quite a few in this uncertain economy, dealing with lack of employment, it is usually an appropriate time to consider advancing with a recruitment agency. Here are four things that a top recruitment agency will do to propel an applicant ahead in their career.

Recruiters will know in advance when an applicant’s targeted position is open.

A very good professional agency possesses recruiters who are aggressive and discover, well ahead of time, accessible positions for an applicant before they can be marketed on conventional job boards...

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