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Cathodic Protection Systems Explained: ICCP System For Ships

ICCP stands for “induced current cathodic protection“. It is the reason we can have large ships with metal hulls. ICCP systems are critical components of modern seafaring vessels.

An ICCP system for ships is an important investment for the construction of any large metal-hulled vessel because it prevents corrosion. There are several measures to be taken against corrosion, but ICCP is the most effective individual component that can be invested in. It operates by forcing direct current through the hull of the ship. Corrosion is a function of oxidation, which is a chemical process that strips electrons from a material. This can be cancelled out by the appropriate application of current.

Corrosion is a threat because it can greatly reduce the structural integrity of a ship’s metal component...

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Ballast Water Treatment Systems on Marine Vessels

Ballast water discharged by ships into the ocean has a significant impact on the environment.

What is Ballast Water? 
Ballast is a material used to maintain the stability of a structure or vehicle. Most large ships have ballast tanks at the bottom of the vessel. The water is taken in at a port area, carried with the ship to the next destination where it is discharged and then, if necessary, replenished.

Vessel Ballast Water Tank

Vessel Ballast Water Tank

The Negative Impact of Ballast Water Discharge 

Each port is its own unique ecosystem. There are many ports along the coast of California in the U.S., for instance, and each of those ports is very different in terms of the organisms and microorganisms that live in the water as well as the sediment at the bottom of the ocean...

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