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Difference Between Business and Personal Email Hosting Services: a Guide for New Entrepreneurs

One question that many entrepreneurs have when starting their business is whether or not they can get away with using personal email hosting services. Some business owners do not want to invest in business email hosting services because they want to save money so they will end up using a free personal email service, like Gmail or Hotmail. Before you make your decision it is vital for you to compare the differences between personal and business email hosting.

Don’s lose your potential client just because of saving up your cost.

The Cost

Personal email hosting, such as what is provided by Gmail and Hotmail, is free of charge. All individuals need to do in order to obtain an account is to register...

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3 Ways Card Access Systems Keep Your Office Safe

Keeping your offices safe and secure should be a priority for any business manager or business owner. Having a way to keep unauthorized people out while easily letting employees in can be the best way to maintain security at all times. If you are looking for an easy way to regulate the traffic in your office, a card access system (see Ademco) is a great tool to use. With access cards, employees can come and go when they please while visitors and other who need short term access can still enter with remote access. There are a number of reasons why these systems work well for offices.

Difficulty of Duplication

One of the main security benefits of using a system with card access is that the cards for entrance into the office are often difficult to duplicate...

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4 Best Reasons To Choose a Dedicated Server

When you host a website, whether for business or pleasure, you should understand what hosting service you should use. For example, if you host a blog that only a few people read, you can probably use a WordPress site and a shared host or a free one. On the other hand, if you host a website for a business, you must choose a little more wisely. With this in mind, if you want to host a great site, make sure to research a dedicated server. Here are four reasons why you should consider this option.


Simply put, when you host a site, you should try to make sure pages load quickly. When going with the typical route, you will often be at the mercy of the server. Remember, with a shared hosting plan, your site will sit on the server with dozens of other websites...

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Cathodic Protection Systems Explained: ICCP System For Ships

ICCP stands for “induced current cathodic protection“. It is the reason we can have large ships with metal hulls. ICCP systems are critical components of modern seafaring vessels.

An ICCP system for ships is an important investment for the construction of any large metal-hulled vessel because it prevents corrosion. There are several measures to be taken against corrosion, but ICCP is the most effective individual component that can be invested in. It operates by forcing direct current through the hull of the ship. Corrosion is a function of oxidation, which is a chemical process that strips electrons from a material. This can be cancelled out by the appropriate application of current.

Corrosion is a threat because it can greatly reduce the structural integrity of a ship’s metal component...

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Top Malaysian Web Hosting Companies

Thousands of web hosting companies litter the internet, many of which provide substandard services. So, how do you sift through thousands of search results to choose the best one? Potential website developers should use the following criteria to determine which service will work best for them:

The Reliability Factor
Above all else, when choosing web hosting in Malaysia, reliability should be of the utmost importance.

Reliability can mean a number of different things, the two most notable being website up time and technical support. If your website is down due to a web hosting error, you should be able to contact customer support immediately. Someone should be available twenty four hours a day to answer any questions you have and fix any issues before they affect your business.

Up time per...

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