5 Best Skin Care Properties of Aloe Vera

If you are having issues with your skin, and would like to use a natural product to treat it, then aloe vera may the solution. Aloe vera has been used in medicine since the beginning of the first century AD. Aloe vera has been widely used in cosmetics and the alternative medicine industy. There are many uses for aloe vera that can benefit your skin. This article will cover the five best uses of aloe vera for your skin.



We all have heard that aloe vera is great for treating sunburns. Aloe vera cools the sunburn much like menthol and acts as a protective layer to treat the sunburn. It will help soothe the burn and any swelling associated with the sunburn. Applying aloe vera to sunburned skin will also help prevent your skin from peeling.



Aloe vera is an excellent moisturizer for the skin. Many women like to use aloe vera on their skin before applying makeup. Makeup can easily dry out your skin, by applying aloe vera first will help keep the makeup fresh looking and skin moisturized without having your makeup look flaky. Aloe vera is also great to use on your hands or any part of the body as a moisturizer without being too greasy.



Aloe vera is a great way to treat any acne you may have. It is not greasy like some other creams or acne medicines which can clog pores. Aloe has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. This means that aloe vera can kill any bacteria and reduces inflammation all at the same time. Using a natural remedy like aloe vera gel on your acne is one of the safest remedies for beautiful clear skin.


Anti-aging treatment

Aloe vera has vitamin E and C which can help improve the skin’s firmness. These vitamins also keep the skin hydrated. Therefore, the combination of vitamins in aloe vera gel make it a great anti-aging treatment for those wrinkles.


Poison ivy & bug bites

Aloe vera is great for treating those ugly rashes like poison ivy. It calms any inflammation from the rash and helps stop the itching. It also helps relieve itching from insect and spider bites as well. The aloe vera gel is very soothing and can even be used to treat a bee stings.

Aloe vera is great to have in any home. You can purchase your own aloe vera plant and just break off the leaves to get the gel inside of it. An easier way to get the gel is to try Nature Republic aloe vera soothing gel which is as good as having the plant without the mess. This is more convenient because you can take the jar with you wherever you go. It is always great to carry some aloe vera gel in your car or purse.


Aloe Vera